Founded in 1993, Interlock ASP Inc. (formerly Binary Services and Solutions) specializes in providing solutions to help businesses manage their individual and corporate knowledge. We use our vast experience and knowledge to provide medium and small businesses with Internet content, knowledge management, custom application development, and business process re-engineering to make their mission critical processes more efficient and productive.

Interlock ASP Inc. specializes in collaborative technologies and business applications using the Internet. Interlock ASP Inc. provides expertise to companies that require process enhancement in groupware projects and Intranet deployment planning and development. By providing Internet-based business solutions, Interlock ASP Inc. helps small to medium-sized businesses leverage the power of the Internet to increase sales, improve customer service, reduce costs, and streamline business operations. Interlock consultants help companies identify their needs, analyze their competition, and quickly tailor a package of applications to make its client companies more successful.

Interlock ASP Inc. has strategically designed and positioned its services as a complete solution to daily critical computing needs. We provide our experience and knowledge to businesses that need an Internet presence, custom application development and business process re-engineering which make the everyday processes of an office productive and efficient.

Interlock ASP Inc.’s mission is to increase the corporate community's productivity by helping them realize the maximum benefit from their personnel and computer systems through Internet, groupware and knowledge management technologies. Interlock ASP Inc. provides modular applications that allow companies to start with exactly what you (they) need today, and add new applications as their business grows.

Interlock ASP Inc. can reduce the cost of linking remote offices and customer by using the Web as a medium. Companies do not have to spend thousands of dollars to link all their remote offices and customers to their corporate office databases. Interlock can also develop enterprise solutions to assist the clients communicate better with their remote offices. Electronic mails and discussion databases can be difficult to implement but Interlock can ease the pain of implementing an enterprise-wide e-mail system. With portable Web applications, Interlock can save companies a significant amount of development cost and time.

Interlock ASP Inc. is guided by talented leaders who are devoted to addressing the needs of the customers. They bring with them years of experience and expert knowledge in the technology field.


Al Som-Anya
Al graduated from Golden Gate University with an MBA degree with specialization in IT. He has over sixteen years of industry experience ranging from hardware, networking, digital identity (biometrics), application programming, VOIP, ACD, and project management. Al was immensely involved in the initial implementation of document and image management initiatives at Automobile Club of Southern California and also at Fleet Financials in Long Beach. He worked as the IT Director for The Spink Corporation (Stantec)-Sacramento, where he spearheaded the company' Internet and Intranet initiatives, IT infrastructure and system/network deployment. He worked for ActivCard, currently ActivIdenity, a French digital identity firm based in Fremont, in cryptography, digital token and biometric deployemnts and support. He recently worked for the City of Sacramento in their enterprise Cisco VOIP, Call Center and Telecommunications group.

Ken Smiley
Ken has over fifteen years of experience in application development. Ken’s specialties include document imaging system analysis and object-oriented application development. Prior to joining Interlock ASP Inc., Ken served as Sr. Technical Consultant for Homes Savings of America. Ken received his Bachelor degree from California States University at Long Beach.

Dzung Ngo
Dzung is responsible for the day-to-day activities including project management and team building at Interlock. Dzung brings over ten years of project management experience to Interlock, including several years of system analysis and application development for Fortune 500 companies. Dzung received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Depaul University in Chicago.

Richard Martz
Richard has over thirty years of messaging administration and application development. Prior to joining Interlock ASP Inc., Richard served as Sr. Technical Staff for Hughes Aircraft and Computer Sciences Corporation. Richard specialties include Microsoft operating systems, Domino application development and system administration. Richard received a Bachelor degree from Michigan State University.

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